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In The Millennium, Our insights will increase

Matthew 13:11 "Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven have been given to you ..."

What insights and new knowledge will be ours when we at last live in the kingdom? One evening, when sleeping, during a week long work and ministry trip to Honduras, I dreamt I was living in the Kingdom. The dream was so powerful that when I awoke, I remembered every detail clearly, and it was so unearthly, that I came to believe it more than a dream. What impressed me most was the ability to listen fully to others, and clearly perceive the intent of the hearts of others as we spoke together. It was all so unnaturally, natural.

One thing was clear, that my heart, and the hearts of my companions were made holy in this future kingdom. What insights will be ours as we know His mind daily, without the damper of sin restricting our thoughts! And how complete will be our ability to think through an issue without distraction? Many things distract us today. Sin is a distraction, and weaknesses of all kinds occur because of sin. In my current world, distractions are common. It is the way I live and I am sure many live in the same way. We barely begin a project and something will intrude on our thinking. But that day is coming when we will complete one thought and work a project through to completion before another intrudes?

Peter, the Apostle, had the experience of one day understanding that Jesus was the Son of God. That was progressive knowledge (Matthew 16:16). Our own knowedge of who the Lord Jesus is, will likely continue in the kingdom. As a Sunday School teacher I often delight to see the people of God, come to some new understanding of something in the Bible. I see their eyes become fixed and their breathing become quick and shallow and I know that our heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit has spoken to their hearts. I like to call on people in class, who are being touched by God with a new insight, so they may share, if they wish, what He is showing them. I imagine that in the Millennial Kingdom, our hearts will be touched often in even a more profound way. Their is no limit in God's ocean of truth and no limit when we live in the Kingdom of the perception of truth He will show us.

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