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The Millennial Kingdom


     Have you ever wondered what the Millennial Kingdom will be like? By the grace of God, author and Bible teacher Steven Linscott, opens this amazing future to you in his new book The Millennial Kingdom.

     God reveals the kingdom in over 800 passages of Scripture. Jesus Christ comes to earth to live and reign, and with Him are the people of God, described in Scripture as "glorious." The Millennial Kingdom describes living in the Kingdom, reveals the people and places described in Scripture, and answers many questions, among them, who and what are they?

     The Millennial Kingdom will help you learn to prepare for your future in the Kingdom and submit more fully to His Lordship today.

In 1980, when a young nursing student was brutally murdered, Bible college student Linscott came forward with a dream he had the night of the murder--a dream that bore similarities to the actual crime. He was subsequently arrested, convicted, and sentenced to 40 years in jail. Here Linscott tells of his abiding faith, and of his 12-year fight to clear his name.


Maximum Security

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